Howard Johnson Inn Queens reviews

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    Howard Johnson Inn Queens

    New York hotel

    220 - 16 Jamaica Avenue, Queens Village, NY, 11428
  • Verified traveler (24 April 2017): This hotel was the most disgusting hotel Ive staye: Worst hotel Ive stayed at. Dirty room.. Smell so bad. I didnt even sleep in the bed.
  • Verified traveler (18 March 2017): Very uncomfortable experience ! Would never stay at this hotel again.
  • Verified traveler (9 February 2017): There was no wifi. the place is not clean. I will never go back again
  • Verified traveler (25 January 2017): Awful value for an awful experience: When I drove into the parking lot, there was an active police investigation of a car that was broken into. When I got to the check-in counter, I was able to check in without issue, however I was not given a key, any information about the hotel services, or a wifi password. Upon being let into my room by a hotel staff member who insisted he would "be right back" with a room key (he never came back) I was greeted by dated decor. The bathroom had bloodstains on the walls -- not to the level of "someone was definitely murdered here", but enough for it to be obvious that it needed to be cleaned. The bathroom sink did not drain, and yes, the stopper was up. The shower had significant rust rings around the drain. The TV was antenna based, and the picture was horrible. The AC/heater window unit was unguarded on the outside, and to make matters worse there was a downspout that emptied directly on top of the unit, thus there was a rhythmic pounding of the rain onto the plastic casing of the unit in the room. The pillows on the bed were flattened to the point where they offered no support, even when stacked 3 high. The sheets felt like sandpaper. The room smelled like someone had recently smoked marijuana in the room, and had a history of cigarette smokers as well, as that aged nicotine smell permeated the furniture and soft goods in the room. The electriical outlets looked as if I would electricute myself if I tried to plug anything into them, so I did not attempt.
    Pros: It was close to my destination.
    Cons: See above review
  • Verified traveler (24 January 2017): Very nice really enjoyed my stay: Easy location to 165 Jamaica ave and the 2 dollar cabs making easier and cheaper to get around, not to far from green acre mall.