Hotel Pennsylvania reviews

  • Ziyad (6 May 2017): Go away. Don't get a room here.
    Pros: I like the location only.
    Cons: This hotel is so dirty hotel, which means that the motel room is more clear and comfortable than this dirty hotel. and is really old facilities, you can not open and close the room window. The room has no clean furnitures. You can not change the A/C temperature. That night was cold and I told them I want a blanket, they said someone is coming to you now. No one came. I can not list the bad things because the survey can not covere it.
  • Vassilis (6 May 2017): We arrived at the Hotel at 11:00 pm.
    Cons: We arrived at the Hotel at 11:00 pm. We have booked a Penn 5000 room but the receptionist told us that the room is not ready yet (should have been since 1:00 pm...) so we should stay at a regular room for the night. After we asked to talk to the manager directly, he told us that they will keep our luggage for a couple of hours in order to be able to get the room ready. we came back at the hotel at 2am and at last the room was ready. is was a nice room but i think keeping the guests waiting after 12 hours fight until 2am in order to check in, is unacceptable.
  • Zsófia (6 May 2017): Huge disappointment
    Pros: The only good thing was the location, nothing else.
    Cons: We paid our room separately (50-50%). They deducted the 50% from my credit card then the other 50% from my friends card. Then they blocked the same amount (50%) on my credit card. So basically I paid twice. The hotel manager promised that it will dissapear but nothing happened. Why I have to beg for my money???
  • Wanda (6 May 2017): Staff at check in were good people.
    Pros: Staff at check in were good people. Friendly and accommodating. All the staff were great.,
    Cons: Windows were disgustingly dirty.
  • Anonymous (6 May 2017): Great location, but still not worth the money
    Pros: The LOCATION, was awesome. The man in front of the hotel was excellent in locating us a taxi.
    Cons: This hotel is very outdated. The room felt so dirty. The bathroom smelled like mold, and was disgusting. The bathroom door didn't stay shut.