Hilton Rome Airport reviews

  • Judi (19 April 2017): Leaving Rome: Perfect choice for flying out next day. Very convenient
  • William (18 April 2017): Great place, if you have an early flight: Wanted a place near the airport because of an early flight. Location is a 5 minute walk from the terminal.
  • Guest (9 April 2017): Disappointed: Check-in wait time was unacceptable. It sounds like the perfect place to stay when you need to catch an early flight, but it is a long hike to the terminal.
  • Guest (17 April 2017): Shuttle into Rome is a really good service. Breakfast was early and very good. Shower was very nice.
  • Marsha (13 April 2017): This is a great stay for the airport arrival or departure. A complete ripoff that it costs 20 euro for the wifi. This was our only hotel in our 17 day stay in Italy that charged us for the internet and the room was way more expensive than the other hotels we stayed at.