New York hotels reviews

Every year, New York is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. The city, which never sleeps, is ready to offer its guests accommodation in hotels for every taste and purse - from luxurious and pompous rooms to more modest and economical. Most travelers are looking for a "golden mean" - an ideal combination of price, quality and style.

Hotels in central Manhattan are quite expensive. This can be explained by the convenient location to the main attractions. Meanwhile, New York is shrouded in a developed system of urban public transport - the metro, buses, taxis, which are easy to reach anywhere in the city.

Many luxury hotels located in historic buildings can boast an interesting history, but often have a very modest area of ​​rooms and high living bills. Modern hotels offer rooms two or three times more spacious and at more economical prices.

Of course, only the lazy will not find where to stay in New York. Choose a hotel in this city you need, based on the purposes of your trip. Of course, in a chic city that never sleeps, it's much easier to find expensive accommodation deals than cheap hotels with a convenient location in the city center. If you are ready for long walks and have the necessary time to get acquainted with all the main attractions, we advise you to book a room in inexpensive budget hotels that have all the necessary services, including a delicious breakfast. Uninhabited savings will be offered accommodation options in modern 4 and 5 star hotels in the central part of the city in close proximity to most attractions. To services of the sophisticated public, a traveling family, rent of separate apartments with the attendants.

If you are one of the desperate shophopols who want to attack local boutiques on days and nights, then you better stop in the Soho or Midtown areas. If you are more attracted by the night life of New York, with its many trendy bars and insane discos, then find a suitable hotel in the area of ​​Meathpacking to be in close proximity to all the most important events and places of the coming night. Connoisseurs of modern art can spend the night in cozy and not very expensive hotels near the galleries of Chelsea. Well, couples who appreciate comfort, comfort and lack of unnecessary noise, no doubt will be satisfied with the hotel room in the Central Park area.

In New York are located and successfully operate more than 400 hotels of various price categories. Hotels in New York in the central part of the city are usually somewhat more expensive located on the periphery. This is understandable, since it is in the center that all the business and cultural life of this city is concentrated. Hotels in New York are very diverse and offer a wide choice of places to stay for many guests of the city.

Five-star hotels in New York are located both in new buildings with rooms decorated in high-tech style, as well as in buildings that represent architectural heritage and built in the 19th century. Hotels with the similar status, as a rule, are a part of the international hotel networks spread all over the world, therefore their equipment and a spectrum of offered services correspond to the best world standards.

New York City hotels of economy class provide guests with all amenities and differ only in the size of the rooms offered. Since the land in the center of the city is very expensive, they are more located on the outskirts, but their location is usually tied to the very extensive metro network in this city, thanks to which you can easily reach the desired place.