Paris hotels reviews

In various districts of Paris there are places of rest and entertainment for every taste. You can stay on the chic Left Bank next to the bustling Bolshie boulevards or in the residential Montparnasse district.

The dream of all romantic people without exception is to go on a trip to Paris. The homeland of sparkling wine, elite spirits, expensive restaurants, cabaret and incredibly delicious pastries - this city is considered throughout the world as a standard of refinement and elegance. The historical center of Paris, which was formed over many centuries, today attracts tourists of all generations. The city is of global importance, it is also the world financial center, as well as the political and cultural center of France. Such a rapid pace of the capital's life does not prevent tourists from starting the morning in cozy cafes for a cup of aromatic coffee and an air croissant, enjoying the masterpieces of the Louvre and spending great evenings at the Opera Garnier.

The choice of a hotel is a matter of responsibility. If you are not constrained by the means, it is enough to think where you would like to live, take a look at the hotels of Paris on the map and choose a five-star hotel with excellent rooms and service. For example, the night in the legendary Hotel Le Bristol costs from $ 820, and most of its rooms offer a view of the Eiffel Tower. But for many, such luxury is akin to utopia.

The best hotels in Paris are quite expensive, so you have to choose a cheaper hotel. The fact that you live in an inexpensive hotel in Paris does not mean that it can not be in the center. So, the Eiffel Villa Garibaldi Paris is a 20-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. And the room in it costs only $ 15. Here you will find cozy rooms, a buffet, nice staff.

Hotels in Paris 3 stars can also please with their low prices. In Pavillon Saint Louis Bastille you can settle for all the same $ 15, and in the Hotel Hotel Du Plat D'Etain in the center of Paris for $ 20. Cheap hotels are inferior in luxury and chic to expensive five-star hotels, but they have their own special French charm. Thus, hotels in the center of Paris are quite accessible.

Hotels in Paris are as diverse as the city itself. Here you can find luxury spa hotels with rooms ranging in value from $ 1000 per day, in which reside refined persons from high society, and democratic hostels with an international audience. In any case, a hotel reservation in Paris is always worth it in advance, especially since many hotels provide a service of free cancellation of the reservation.

Choosing a hotel in Paris, it is very easy to live near some kind of landmark - they are located everywhere. There are more than 130 squares, the most famous of which are the Place de la Bastille, the L'Etoile square with the majestic triumphal arch, the Place de la Concorde with the Luxor obelisk and 8 statues dedicated to the cities of France, the Field of Mars with the Eiffel Tower, the Place Vendôme with the statue of Napoleon, Many others, next to which are various hotels.